Exhibit Observitude

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EXHIBIT OBSERVITUDE is an exploration of the safety, security and evidentiary promises of surveillance and the related effects of voluntary servitude. Through the use of public CCTV footage and installed surveillance cameras within an immersive projection installation space, I challenge the indexical qualities associated with surveillance. A compilation of manipulated, public CCTV footage forms the first large-scale projection. Simultaneously, live video from an installed surveillance network of cameras is projected on the facing wall of the installation space. Images from the surveillance cameras are continually uploaded to a website to construct an altered real-time and retrospective narrative. This will become evidentiary in the same way that CCTV crime footage is often used to solve crime – a legal 'exhibit' of sorts. However, the evidentiary and indexical quality of all the footage comes into question as timelines and images are manipulated. The viewer becomes implicated within the physical and online spaces and the desire to watch and to be watched also serve this complicit relationship.

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